What if? Your Muse is Watching You

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What did you do today? Be on notice…your muse is watching. Have you ever gotten up, made your coffee, grabbed your remote, slouched on your couch, thought of your projects, made your quick breakfast, sat on your couch, drank more of your coffee…? See a theme here? You are doing all that is “yours” and neglecting the most important part. What is that? Think about it. What is the one theme here that is not getting proper attention?

Are you there yet? Mine would have bonked me on the head about three times, by now. You got it! We all have it. It’s called your muse. While sitting and starting your day, your muse is watching. How do I know this? Mine watches me. As I have one more cup of coffee and flip on one more channel, my muse is watching, waiting, getting impatient and ready to pounce.

How I know I am being watched. Feelings of anxiety take over, knowing I have things I need to do. Excuses come up. I don’t feel good. My body aches. I am still hungry. I am not awake enough. I have to use the bathroom. While most of these may be true, I can attend to what I need to do to get past them. I deal with chronic pain more often than not. What I do about it can be time consuming. I may get one good hour, over all, in the day. (That’s another article, so I will spare you the details on those matters.) What I do with that time is up to me. And my muse is watching to see what I do with that time.

If you are fortunate enough to have a muse blowing in your ear, nibbling at your brain, juicing up your knuckles, you might need to pay attention. Or not. You can not do anything. But…I can tell you this, based on my own experience, science will take over. Your heart will not be happy, your brain will get overwhelmed, your belly will grow, your life will feel sad… And based on my experience, my muse will be ticked at me and make me do without. It’s not a good feeling and sends me to beg forgiveness.

Just a disclaimer here… This post is based on personal experience. And as you may see, it’s sounding pretty much guilt and shame based. It’s how I feel when I don’t do what I know I need to do. When I have bad days, I take care of myself, lending a spoon to another day or another minute or hour. And I only get so many spoons, so it’s real important to use what I have when I can. But…that’s another post. Gentle hugs to those who do have chronic pain. You are not alone.

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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