What If? Your Muse is Calling for You to Write

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Last night, as I was supposed to be sleeping, I had my–more often than not–3 a.m. thoughts. This time it was about listening to that muse. My muse comes in these-when I should be sleeping-thoughts and this is often. This time it was about writing to these thoughts.

Sometimes complete poems come to mind. They are often based on thoughts I have had in the back on my mind. It’s like my brain is working hard…when I should be sleeping. Do I pay attention to these messages? Sometimes I do, but mostly I don’t.

I have been keeping my notebook close by so I can jot down thoughts that pop in my brain. More often than not, that notebook keeps getting added to with little further action.

Just for today, I will break that cycle. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today I will take the thoughts the hit me this morning and exercise that inner muse.

Someone told me the story about a man who was trying to decide what to name his next child, a girl. He had a dream. In that dream there was this little girl and the little girl was in the spiritual domain. It was time for her to be born into the world. When a group of people were asked who would be next to go into the world and she spoke up; “Take me, let Deborah be next.” The man woke up the next day and stated that they would name their little baby girl Deborah. I suppose that even without the dream, the man would have found a name for his daughter, but what if Deborah was destined? Who can say for sure?

My point is, that if we listen to that inner muse, or outer muse we may find just what we were waiting for. Inspiration comes in many forms. Why not accept that dreams or mid-sleeping thoughts in the wee hours of the morning may be the messages we were waiting hear? What if, something so profound is waiting for your voice to make it come alive? What if?

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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