Weekend Warriors Unite-Between 8–5

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“Male lion with mane in wild yawning showing big teeth and resting at Kapama River Lodge” by Guy Roberts on Unsplash

Weekend Warriors Unite! That used to be the motto when I had a weekend free to myself. I would call my best friend and make plans. We would go out to eat and maybe have a couple of drinks, go dancing, see a movie, whatever struck our moods. If we were out very late, we would go out for a late snack. I would roll back home about 1–2 a.m., watch some TV and crawl in bed. I would sleep until maybe 9 a.m. That was a good while ago.

Nowadays, I am yawning while fixing supper and by the time that is over, I am snuggled up with a good book with the TV playing in the background. (The background noise helps me to focus.) By 8:30 and maybe 9 on the weekend, I am ready to call it a night. And forget sleeping in… I am awake and ready to make coffee by no later than 6 a.m.

Now, one might think, “Gee, what a boring life.” But. That is not true. I have a very full life from the hours of maybe 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. I accomplish a lot or nothing, depending on my energy and mindset. As a writer and artist, I find the time to do both, not always every day but I accomplish some goals. There are always books in my reader and on my shelf and they don’t collect dust. Because I have a moody brain, I may alternate between 2–3 books in the course of a day. I pick up some gigs to keep the wolves away.

For entertainment beyond what I mentioned, we often go to writing events, the library, book stores, art galleries, flea markets, putt putt golf, movies (often on TV), gardens, swimming, and walking around the lake. I know the librarians at our usual library and have real conversations with them. So, all in all, a full life. While we don’t pursue the weekend in quite the same way, we still have fun and relaxation. We do have a couple of drinks, we dance at home-since we both have joint issues and can only muster up one to two dances-we don’t go clubbing but you might find us at the gallery having a glass of wine and listening to the early bird music. It’s a good life. It’s a sane life. And to be honest, it is the life I choose, grateful for each day that we are given.

And last, but not least, I enjoy visiting people, really talking with them, a conversation without cell phones, without the barrier of the computer screen, to really interact face to face. Since I am largely an introvert, this may surprise some people, but as a creative person, these interactions make a difference. And on that note, I will close.

Weekend Warriors Unite! Even older ones, like me. It’s possible!

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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