Viewing the World from The Unknown

Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld
4 min readJun 15, 2018
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Deciding not to go to the prom, he knew that he would be able to find better things to do. Nobody missed him. Nobody called to check on him. He didn’t really care. It wasn’t loneliness, but more a case of doing what he wanted, which was to be left alone.

Deciding not to go to the prom, she knew that she would be looked upon as a castaway. But she didn’t want to go if she had to face seeing him with another girl. Her hopes and dreams were dashed away when she found out he asked the other girl. She had multiple texts from friends wanting to know if she was okay and asking about why not come to prom anyway and join the group of non couple attendees. She preferred to stay home and be left alone. It was her choice.

Deciding not to go to the prom, he did so because he did not want to socialize in such a fashion. True, he had friends who were going as a group, but it was just not his thing.

Deciding to go to the prom alone, she was surprised to see that the guy she had a crush on was also alone. Was he interested in dancing with her? She walked up to him and started talking and he was very sociable with her. He did not ask her to dance. She wondered if there was something wrong with her.

Deciding to go to the prom alone, he was delighted to see his friend and socialize with her. He didn’t really want to dance as he felt very awkward. He was also very happy to see his guy friend but felt a twinge of jealousy when he showed up with a girl. It was their little secret, he knew, but it still didn’t take away from his feelings.

The alarms went off about 10 p.m. Which house would the ambulance go to? Which one of these teens ended his or her life? It could have been any of them, do you think? It is hard to know from what limited knowledge you have of any of these teens. It is hard to know what is on someone else’s mind. It is hard to feel the pain of another, especially if you don’t know the pain exists.

Being in tune means taking the time to be there for somebody else. It means looking truly in their eyes and listening or simply being. Preventing suicide may or may not be possible. It leaves those left behind with a myriad of emotions, including feelings of guilt, shame, remorse, depression and anxiety. It also leaves those contemplating suicide with…



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