Important article, Maya. Of the three people I have known personally who died of complication related to AIDS, I wonder if that was put as the cause of death. Statistics are so important. As far as I know, of the three, one woman and two men, the woman’s cause was listed as AIDS, but I think the men were named as dying of other illnesses. I know people who are way past the old death sentence that seem automatic with the HIV+ diagnoses. I believe it has to do with the medications that are more available than back when my friends died. It gives me hope that advocacy works, but I do get concerned that if we get too laid back about it all, that it will be too easy for those who make the decisions to pass on most important issues. I am glad you asked this question and applaud your research.

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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