Friday the 13th is Not Scary to Me — What Really Makes Me Scared or Laugh-May Be One in the Same

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Friday the 13th is supposed to be a fearful day. That’s what I learned when in 5th grade. We had to write an essay with the topic: Friday the 13th. I did not understand what it meant. I acted like I knew, but I had to rely on what others might say to write my paper. Too shy to ask, I faked it until I figured it out. I learned what Friday the 13th meant to others, but it didn’t phase me. A date attached to a day seemed silly. I did the research about why this day is significant, but there’s more than one story and I am not laying claim to which is true.

As I was always imaginative, I was practical in my way of thinking. If it could not happen then it wasn’t significant. Flash forward to what horrors I subscribed to when shows like Alfred Hitchcock came on. Now, those things might happen, right? Psycho especially scared me. I watched it in a theatre which increased the excitement. The Twilight Zone had many episodes where some things “could” happen, but there was almost always a twist to them, making science fiction more in play. Those shows were in the “maybe” realm for me.

I have avoided bloody horror movies, but I ventured out on a whim to see Freddy vs Jason. I spent most of the movie laughing. It was not scary but just plain, silly humor. I viewed flicks such as Godzilla, King Kong, The Blob…and found them to be great fun. I spent more time laughing. My most scary adventure was at a haunted house set up in a little town. It was a popular fund raiser, with actors in costumes. The “monsters” were convincing. The main thing that made me scream was from not wanting the monsters to touch me. It was creepy that strangers would reach out to grab me. I knew that these were actors in costumes, but they seemed way too eager to poke at people going through the house.

Another of movie I have taken to is vampire movies. My first one was John Carpenter’s-Vampires and I loved it. The possibilities of real vampires seemed impossible, so I felt safe in that knowledge. Van Helsing was awesome. My favorite vampire movie is Love at First Bite … a humorous love story.
Science fiction is such a broad genre that can have elements of horror. Again, I have been most attracted to the shows with humor.

I love, love, love Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3000) and have watched almost every show that has aired. I have checked out all the DVDs I could find. I have not seen the new shows, but I saw MST3000 The Movie and loved it. MST3000 is based on often low billed movies, with puppets and their puppet master in the audience and making comments throughout the movies. You view the movie as if in the back of the theatre watching and hearing this additional interaction. They are in theory, forced to watch the movies as a form of torture. Then they often act out bits from the movies, during their breaks. As a puppeteer with a vivid imagination, I have laughed so hard at these shows. Devil Doll is probably my favorite of all of the movies they show in MST3000. Zombies are another kind of character that I was surprised to like. I don’t go carte blanche over them, however. My first exposure was the humorous Shaun of the Dead. I think that is a great way to break into zombie movies. You can likely see, I am one who loves to laugh and find that these kinds of movies are great laughter therapy.

So, back to Friday the 13th. Is it a day that you fear? What do you do to observe it? Do you have a favorite movie line? I could see having a movie night and watching the scariest movies, or in my case, the most humorous ones.
I hope you enjoyed what I have shared. Maybe you will check out one or more of the movies or shows. Have fun and stay safe!

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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