Are You Writing to Your Soul?

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As mostly a poet and short story writer, I often find that it’s my soul speaking in my words. This may sound odd to some and natural to others. What do I mean by writing to my soul? Here’s how it works:

When searching my soul for inspiration I often ponder about what may trouble me at that moment. Lately, my soul has been hurting as I dredge up memories about my family and Alzheimer’s disease. I did some research to learn about what’s going on lately with the disease. There were some new things, but that there is no real cure made my soul hurt. It hurt so much that I ended up writing a poem about it called Ripping the Soul, you can see it here:

Yesterday, I felt the need to complete a piece of art, one that has been sitting still in my sketchpad for too long. My soul yearned for an art project I could really get involved with and I opened my sketchpad and breathed life into Fairy Cat. It was my soul’s yearning that brought me to create her and to write a haiku to her. It soothed my soul to create art and put words to a haiku. Here is the result:

Last night I tossed and turned as I kept thinking of a poem waiting to be written and it was nothing more nor less than my soul desire to get it completed. No, it’s not yet done, but what I did was pay attention to this other story that I had hidden away. It was the color of blue that kept nagging at me and I knew by this morning that it was time to publish Blue Blanket. It’s a heart rendering story for me as it’s based on truth and touched my soul, massaging it — one could say — to get it on paper. Here is the result:

So, there you go. Do you write to your soul? Please share about this approach.

Thank you for listening.

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Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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