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Silver Linings by LaVan Robinson and Lisa Tomey is coming out soon. This is a book of poetry about life and hope. As in the following poem, our silver linings aren’t all about positive thinking, but sometimes living through the gray. Being alone is the hardest, but sometimes the most needed-when going through life’s struggles. If we are fortunate to have a friend who is there for us whether it is physically or virtually, it’s okay to let them be silver linings. Unless, you don’t want anyone around and that is another way of claiming…

Letting Mr. V Lead the Way

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As I reach into the tip jar for writing tips, one of the first one to come to mind is music. I have Luther Vandross playing in the background. He is my favorite artist in the whole wide world and his music has gotten me through many tough times. I used to plug in my earbuds at work and play his music while I filled out various documents. His songs would appeal to my subconscious so I could focus on my job.

What I do is just go to YouTube and go to the artist I want to loop and…

Coffee Table Talk about Anthologies

Just like in the old days when poets came together, perhaps imbibed, or had some coffee, and talked about the problems of the world and how they would use poetry to speak their minds. This is a Coffee Table Talk.


Arlene Bice

Marcella Remund

Zan Johns

For this event we will be talking about anthologies of poetry and poetry in general. Lisa Tomey will be the moderator. Audience participation is encouraged after the panel discussion. About Our Panelists:

Arlene S. Bice is an author, speaker, educator, editor, and poets. She hosts Poetry in…


Never forget your dreams…

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In case you did not know this, I recently started my own LLC. It is called Prolific Pulse Press LLC. Obviously, it is a small press. I suppose it would seem odd to some folks my age for me to start something like this. Many people are looking at retirement, at this point of life. It simply would not work for me. Sure, I could write poetry and essays, create art and likely be content with these things. The thing is, that is just not where my brain takes me. This is where my back story comes in.

My parents…

And All that Jazz!!

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I love to write with the sound of music in the background. It appeals to my subconscious and keeps me focused. That said, it’s going to be instrumental music, for the most part. There are exceptions, which I will share.

There are several ways you can access music for writing. I have Spotify on my browser, making it handy. Here is one of my favorite programs I like for listening to while I write:

Another program I like for some upbeat instrumentals is this one, from YouTube:

Or maybe you want something more meditative…

Come and read your beautiful words to me…

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Open Mics in the Internet World are becoming more common. Some have been established long before the pandemic. Even with the pandemic letting up in some areas, folks are finding the open mic via the internet is a cool place to be.

This is specific to open mics for poetry, but could be applied to other open mics, such as for short readings and essays.

With every successful event there are bound to be rules. Open Mics are no exception. …


Was this said at a tea party under the magnolia blossoms?

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Ladies of the Garden

Hey there, May
you know how much
I love you.
You bring such beauty
all the flowers,
the sprouts,
even some harvests.
But, lady of beauty,
as one friend to another,
your girl, April —
she cheated on you.
Those tulips, well
she gets those credits
every year, even
we will give her that.
But, oh my goodness —
evidence has been
displayed that her prowess
has caused a burst.
Flowers-I suspect —
from your gardens
have bloomed
and, well, you know
all those showers coming.
They’re predicting a rainy May.
So, what’s up with that?
Respectfully —
June xoxo…

Lisa Tomey

Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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