The book has been released!

It’s no longer a dream, but a reality that this book has been published. Silver Linings came about after some discussions with one of my clients, LaVan Robinson. As his editor, I have files of his poetry and they are all categorized. I noticed that poems under the “hope” category were growing. After presenting this to LaVan and some back-and-forth discussion we decided to collaborate.

I am not a stranger to collaboration as way back when AOL was the dial up (yes, I am THAT old) internet service I had a chat friend who collaborated with me. …

I am here for you

Photo by Jason Kocheran on Unsplash

Silver Linings by LaVan Robinson and Lisa Tomey is coming out soon. This is a book of poetry about life and hope. As in the following poem, our silver linings aren’t all about positive thinking, but sometimes living through the gray. Being alone is the hardest, but sometimes the most needed-when going through life’s struggles. If we are fortunate to have a friend who is there for us whether it is physically or virtually, it’s okay to let them be silver linings. Unless, you don’t want anyone around and that is another way of claiming…

Letting Mr. V Lead the Way

Photo by Miguelangel Miquelena on Unsplash

As I reach into the tip jar for writing tips, one of the first one to come to mind is music. I have Luther Vandross playing in the background. He is my favorite artist in the whole wide world and his music has gotten me through many tough times. I used to plug in my earbuds at work and play his music while I filled out various documents. His songs would appeal to my subconscious so I could focus on my job.

What I do is just go to YouTube and go to the artist I want to loop and…

Coffee Table Talk about Anthologies

Just like in the old days when poets came together, perhaps imbibed, or had some coffee, and talked about the problems of the world and how they would use poetry to speak their minds. This is a Coffee Table Talk.


Arlene Bice

Marcella Remund

Zan Johns

For this event we will be talking about anthologies of poetry and poetry in general. Lisa Tomey will be the moderator. Audience participation is encouraged after the panel discussion. About Our Panelists:

Arlene S. Bice is an author, speaker, educator, editor, and poets. She hosts Poetry in…

getting in touch with yourself through writing

Today, I created another video with David Martin of Fine Lines Literary Journal. This is part three in the series about journaling. Check it out:

This interview was relatable to me as I also had some things to overcome in order to be more effective with speaking out loud. (Vs. speaking in my mind and on paper.) Just where the turning point is found is uncertain for each of us individually, but it sure helped to try what David tried, and it worked.

I am going to be participating in the Fine Lines Summer Camp next week. It is…

Prolific Poetry again and again

Created by Lisa Tomey of Prolific Pulse

See that right there? These two sisters created another book of poetry called “Mirrored Images” which is on Amazon. They did a reading of some of their outstanding poetry for “yours truly,” yesterday. They rocked it!

They came out with Different Sides of the Same Coin and Chyrel was on my podcast. And yesterday, both Chyrel and Lyris came on my podcast and YouTube to share their news.

If you prefer the podcast you can listen here or scroll down and check out the YouTube video.

May I suggest you give a listen to what these talented women…

Lisa Tomey

Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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