1. If you had only one dollar and needed two dollars, how would you git the other dollar? Probably clean out my nightstand drawer where all change goes to die.

2. This is fer men or women. If you was sweet on two gals or guys, how would you decide which one to keep and which one to say goodbye to? Or would you try to keep’em both? Depends on what purpose I wanted with them. If I wanted them to be my forever lover I would keep the one with that potential. If I was just looking for company, to like go eat or out dancing, then I would keep my options open.

3. Who makes you laugh the most and why? People, just watching them in all their many habits, an observer that I am.

4. What one habit do you wanna keep and what habit do you wanna quit if you could? I wanna keep my habit of waking up with a decent attitude and I want to quit being too critical.

5. What’s your fav’rite cowboy movie? Blazing Saddles and yes I know that’s pushing it

6. Stick or automatic? Automatic, been too long since I drove a stick.

7. How did you avoid a near disaster? Watching my feet. I trip on my own shadow.

8. What can you remember about first grade? Kissing my first boy: Bobby Bailey, in front of the whole classroom on a dare.

9. What would your perfect day be like? Being able to spend it at the ocean and doing some writing, going to some seafood place with my love, being able to eat whatever I wanted, taking a ride on a boat.

10. What’s the dumbest thing you ever said and where did you say it? I told a guy he looked funny at a club in NC many years ago when I was young and dumb.

Written by

Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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